Durst Workflow 1.11.0 Release

With version 1.11.0, users can take advantage of several new features in the environment of the Impose Editor, Approval Reports and management of Print Data. Improvements have also been made in the areas of Editing and Outputting Print Data and translation updates. 

New Features

Light Theme

The user interface of the Impose Editor has been adapted to the Workflow and the editor opens directly in the Workflow in light mode by default.

Add Edge Reinforcement

In Tiling mode, it is possible to add an Edge Reinforcement. This is displayed using a unique color and can thus be distinguished from the overlap.

Plate Templates in the Impose Editor

For the first time, it is possible to store layouts for printing plates, which are required in conventional printing, as templates. These can then be used for imposing jobs.

Sheet Templates in the Impose Editor

From this version on, the user can save all Sheet configurations as templates and reuse them.

Color Bars in the Impose Editor

It is possible to create Color Bars in the Impose Editor, which are used to activate the nozzles in the production run.

Print Item Templates

Print Item Templates are now available, which can be created, edited, saved and applied to all Print Items in a imposition, for example, to apply scaling to all Print Items.

Caption Placeholders

Additional placeholders for the cut file name, as well as which Ink Saving Profile (Low, Medium, Extreme) is used, are available for selection.

Units of measurement in the Workflow

A preferred unit of area measurement, i.e., – square meters or square feet, can be stored in the system settings. This unit of measurement is used in all areas of the Workflow.

Limit processes

The number of parallel processes that are running in the Workflow can be limited, so that hardware can be better utilized.

180º Rotation

In the Send to Printer dialog, you now have the option to rotate every even or odd page 180º.

Vanguard Printers

The direct control of Vanguard printers is now possible from this version in the Workflow. Printers can be created, managed, profiled and subsequently used for Production Jobs.

Approval Reports

From now on, Approval and Ink Cost Reports are created in separate areas. We’ve updated the range of functions for creating and managing Approval Reports, including versioning.

Ink Cost Reports

The creation of Ink Cost Reports has been fundamentally revised, Reports are now created in the Statistics tab. This way, a Report can be created directly for each Ink Cost calculation.

Ink Cost Calculation

The calculation and display of Ink Costs has been newly implemented in this version and the range of functions has been extended. In order to better compare Ink Costs, a new, improved viewing mode has been added.

Hotfolders: ZIP-for multitracks

Offers the possibility of controlling several print series/lanes on a P5 350 and P5 210, this function is also now available in the Workflow. The print series and the print sequence can be stored when creating a Hotfolder.

Deleting Hotfolders

Deleting Hotfolders that are currently paused as well as previously processed Hotfolder elements (Print Items/Orders) is now possible.


Output Templates

The way in which Output Templates are used within the Workflow is now consistent.

Processing PDF/VT 

In order to be able to process PDF/VT files in the Workflow, an additional render option „EHVD“ has been implemented for Production Jobs

Updated Check-In Process

A preflight warning is issued for very complex print data if the „content stream“ of a file exceeds three megabytes.

Convert Spot Colors to DeviceN

In the Edit Spot Color Definition dialog, the conversion mode has been changed to Precise by default.

License authorization

The License tab available in the System Status dialog now displays for which Workflow version the license is valid for.

Lead In/Out for Tau/VariJet

For both Tau and VariJet printing systems, it is possible to send the Lead In /Out to the printer separately or with the main job.


The Czech translation has been completely revised and from this version there is also a Slovakian version available.


New Fixups have beed added, some existing Fixups have been improved

Please see our release notes for details.