Groundbreaking ceremony for new PPD office building

Lienz: Schlossberg Villas are being completely renovated. Eight modern private flats are being built in one of the two buildings, while Durst subsidiary PrePress digital – Softwareentwicklung (PPD) is settling in the second. 

The official starting signal for the reconstruction measures was recently given by Sebastian Lanner and Andreas Mascher from the property developer “MeinerZeit” in the presence of PPD CEO Hans Peter Schneeberger, local councillor Christian Steininger, Gaby Gugganig and Stefanie Lanner from Gugganig Immobilien and Marco Scherer from Holzbau Hofer.

Hans Peter Schneeberger explains:

We are here setting the cornerstone for the implementation of our new strategic orientation. The new location is ideal for us in terms of size and location because it guarantees sufficient free space as well as good external visibility to be perceived as an extremely interesting employer for the region. Our employees are looking forward to a pleasant working environment in open, light-flooded premises and good public transport connections.

A photovoltaic system on the roof of the building will allow PPD, which is committed to sustainability, to cover a large part of its own electricity needs. Over the next twelve months, the Schlossberg Villas in Albin-Egger-Strasse in the heart of Lienz will be completely renovated.

Text: Translated excerpt from the press release; Photo: Lanner Media