Durst Workflow 1.15.0 Release

With version 1.15.0, users can take advantage of several innovations in the environment of Cutter Devices, Verification and Imposition of Print Data. In addition, improvements have been made in Data Preparation and Data Verification, and further translations were carried out.


VDP Editor Features

A browser-based VDP Editor for creating and managing variable data is available in the Workflow. The following new features and improvements have been implemented:

  • Variable images – From now on, all supported file formats are generated in real time and also displayed in the VDP Editor.
  • Magnetic guides – Objects as well as guides behave magnetically. This allows you to quickly align guides to existing objects as well as objects to guides.
  • Close VDP Editor – As part of this release, a save function has been added to the close function.
Step & Repeat extension
Starting from this version, items of different sizes can be imposed in the “Step & Repeat” mode.
Plast Grommet – All in one
The „All in One“ cutting or grommets finishing machine from PlastGrommet has been integrated into the Workflow. All specially required grommets and cutting marks are included in the impose editor.
Cut information per production job
In the new tab „Cut info“ cutting data of the production job are stored or displayed. Each created cut-file is listed with some additional information.
Bidirectional integration for cutter devices
Individual cutter devices can send information back to the Workflow, which is then subsequently displayed in the „Cut info“ tab. Currently, this bidirectional integration is possible with Zünd cutter devices and the OptiScout cutter software.
Grouping and sorting
In this version, a new method for grouping placed items has been implemented. Sorting and pagination criteria can be applied within these groups.
Lead-in and Lead-out
For the item to be printed, the opacity for lead-in and lead-out can be determined. The opacity regulation only affects the print item, all included technical colors are printed with 100%.
From this version on, it is possible to verify a color strategy against the FOGRA and G7 standards. Furthermore, comparative measurements regarding stability between printing systems as well as production run can be made.
»White« handling for output devices
If there is no white ink in the output device, all areas – in a print item – which contain the spot color »white« are converted to CMYK 0/0/0/0. A system setting is available for this.


Shape Nesting
With this version, improvements in performance and speed have been carried out.
XML hotfolder
Starting from this version, fixup chains can be defined in the hotfolder XML file.
Check-in and preflight templates
The creation and saving of Check-in Preflight and Fixup Templates has been revised and extended. It is now possible to save Fixups and Checks in a user-defined Check-in Profile.

Please see our release notes for details.